Insomnia Pálida - "Ruídos Psicóticos" Tape w/ Blade

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Insomnia Pálida - "Ruídos Psicóticos" Tape w/ Blade

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Nekrogoat Heresy Productions is proud to present a new release by Insomnia Pálida.
"Ruídos Psicóticos" compiles the Demos "Ruídos Residuais" and "Surtos Psicóticos" on Tape and is limited to 50 copies.

Both Demos present Insomnia Pálida trademark sound of Raw Depressive Black Metal and a sense of deranged claustrophobia only achieved by truly torturous minds. A total of six tracks of mesmerizing agony in the form of sound.

There’s a special version available that includes a blade for purposes of self-inflicted pain.
Limited to 13 copies.

Orders to geralnekrogoatheresy @ or

Officially available in 10/06/2022

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