Ausströmen - "Immobilise" Tape

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Ausströmen - "Immobilise" Tape

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Originally released in 2018 in a limited CDr edition, Ausströmen's debut "Immobilise" is now available in Tape format under New Approach's banner.
Heavy layered and well structured Industrial/Power Electronics.

"Their noise approach is one of classic proportions; classic as in early to mid 1980s power electronics and noise music. Take a bit of Ramleh, a pinch of Esplendor Geometrico and big lovin' spoonful of Genocide Organ, and bob's dein unkel. Grim music is the more than obvious result, with such titles as 'Pornography Of Violence', 'Dead machine', 'Glass' and 'Fading Life', but other titles show a more oblique approach; 'microsound' is not something you expect. Ausströmen use a bunch of analogue synth playing repeating block and sine waves, along with some oscillations and distortions thrown in for good measure and on top in the texts are spoken more than sung and also these come with a fine byte of distortion."
- Vital Weekly nº1130

"Sonically speaking Ausströmen’s debut Immobilise is of an industrial and power electronics style with a thick bass driven approach, where the production of is clean, sharp and loud, while the sharper textures are mid-toned rather than higher pitched. Musically the ten tracks are clearly composed and of a definite song style based on programmed beats and structured layering of hostile pulsing textures, fizzing tones, and rupturing electronics. At times the approach leans towards a heavy rhythmic industrial sound, such as is displayed on Slow Burn, Pornography Of Violence and Dead Machine, yet at the same time it stops well short of being dance-floor focused or oriented. Male vocals are also present, but partially buried in the mix and deviating from apathetic spoken passages to partial proclamations."
-Noise Receptor 26/04/2018

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